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Welcome to Ben Roach Development.

Hi! My name is Ben. In the realm of the internet, I usually go by Ben Roach. I'm a college student. I do stuff. That's all you really need to know about me for now, but what is this website all about exactly? Well, I'm majoring in Computer Science. I plan to develop video games. So, why not have a website so people can see what I make? Think of this site like that box of weird, random stuff you keep in your room yet refuse to get rid of. Who knows? Maybe I'll be famous someday. Or not.

This site is under heavy development, and it is quite definitely not fully functional. I am writing the code for it almost entirely by hand for the sake of learning HTML, so enjoy what I have so far.

The status of all pages on this site are as follows:

Because this site is so far essentially empty, click below to see the test page of what I am currently working on. It may be broken, or sometimes look surprisingly normal, it just depends what I am doing at that moment.